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FAQs at Rocky Mount Family Medical Center in Rocky Mount, NC

Read all the questions and answers below. For more information call us or book an appointment online.

FAQs at Rocky Mount Family Medical Center in Rocky Mount, NC
FAQs at Rocky Mount Family Medical Center in Rocky Mount, NC

Q: What is the Patient Portal? How do I gain access to it?

A: The Patient Portal is a secure website that will allow you to do a variety of tasks from the comfort of your own home. You may request certain types of appointments, request medication refills, review your statements, manage your personal information, review upcoming appointments, and fill out your medical history. To sign up for Patient Portal access, please see any Customer Service Representative at Rocky Mount Family Medical Center. For your protection, this must be done in person.

Q: I forgot my password for the Patient Portal. How do I get a new one?

A: At the Patient Portal site, please click on Forgot Password. A new password will be created and sent to your e-mail address.

Q: Do you treat pediatric patients?

A: Yes. As board certified family doctors, our providers are able to treat all age groups, from infants and adolescents to adults and seniors. We care for your entire family.

Q: What insurances do you accept?

A: As a convenience for our patients, Family Medical Center will file all insurances. Patients who have insurance with which FMC does not contract will be responsible for paying 50% of their bill at the time of service. For a complete list of insurances with which Family Medical Center of Rocky Mount participates/contracts, please see Billing and Insurance.

Self-pay patients are given a custom fee schedule with favorable rates when services are paid in full at time of visit. For patients without insurance, Family Medical Center requests that they pay in full at the time services are rendered.

Q: Do you treat pediatric patients?

A: Self-pay patients are given a 20% discount when services are paid in full at time of visit. For patients without insurance, Family Medical Center requests that they pay in full at the time services are rendered.

Yes, we also treat pediatric patients from newborn to late teens.

Q: Do you have wheelchairs available for patients?

A: Yes. As a courtesy to our patients in need, wheelchairs are located just inside the door to the main lobby.

Q: How do I navigate the phone system?

A: For faster service, patients may call our office at off-peak times to schedule, reschedule, cancel an appointment or request a medication refill. Our call volume is high and many patients are seeking appointments each day. Please call our office at the following off-peak times for faster service:

Additionally, FMC offers an after hours message line for appointment cancellations and medication refill requests.

For a complete list of telephone options, please click here.

Patient Portal patients may send non-emergency questions by using the patient portal.

Q: How do I request medication refills?

A: For medications you are currently taking, please have your pharmacy send Family Medical Center a refill request. Your provider will review and send a refill authorization directly to the pharmacy.

For a written refill request, please call our main line @ (252) 254-2706 and choose Option 3. A request will be forwarded to your provider. These prescriptions may be picked up at our New Patient Alcove located in the main lobby once you have been contacted by the nurse.

For after-hours requests, please call our main line @ (252) 254-2706 and choose Option 2. Leave a detailed message and your request will be forwarded to your provider within 24 business hours.

While Family Medical Center of Rocky Mount makes every effort to accommodate the needs of our patients, a 48 hour response time is required for medication refills due to high volume. Additionally, requests for patients that have not been seen in our office within the last 3-6 months may be delayed or denied based on the requirements of the primary care provider.

Q: I need a referral. Can my doctor make a referral without seeing me in the office?

A: Patients may contact one of our Triage nurses by calling our main line during business hours and choosing Option 3. The Triage nurse will discuss your needs with you and send a request to your primary provider for review. After the provider reviews the request, the Triage nurse will return your call to discuss his/her findings.

Q: How do I obtain my lab results?

A: NORMAL results are mailed within 7 business days.

ABNORMAL results patient is called within 7 business days.
Lab results are reviewed at the office visit (if within one week of lab draw).

**HIV results are always notified in the office.

Q: Why do lab tests need to be done on a different day than my office visit?

A: In order to provide better patient care, the providers have asked that all labs be done a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled office visit. This allows our laboratory the opportunity to forward the lab results to the provider and allows the provider adequate time to review the results. Additionally, some lab tests require cultures, which could require 2 to 7 days for results to be complete. Our friendly customer service representatives will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

If you have a specific reason why you need your labs done on the same day as your office visit, please discuss this with your provider. Examples may include insurance, transportation, work schedule.

Q: I have a form that I need my provider to complete. What is the procedure to have it completed, and how long will it take?

A: Some forms may be completed by your provider at the time of your office visit. It is necessary that you notify the representative scheduling your appointment of your needs so that adequate time may be allowed. All other forms may be completed by bringing them to our office and registering them with a Customer Service Representative at the New Patient Alcove. Forms are forwarded to our Triage Department for completion. Upon completion, forms are sent to your primary care provider for review and signature. After a signature is received, forms may be picked up at our office, faxed or mailed as per your request. Due to the volume of forms, FMC requires seven (7) business days to process all forms received before 2 pm. Forms received after 2 pm require eight (8) business days.

There is a $25 charge to complete the following forms: FMLA, Salary Continuation, DMV, Disability Forms

Q: Will my provider visit me in the hospital?

A: Family Medical Center of Rocky Mount uses Eagle Hospitalists to care for their patients when they are in Nash UNC Health Care. This allows our providers to continue seeing patients in the office and to be on call for them after hours. When possible, providers will make courtesy calls by patient request. Additionally, Nash UNC Health Care will schedule follow-up visits with your primary provider after your stay with them. Family Medical Center has electronic access to Nash UNC Health Care records when the patient lists a FMC provider as their primary provider. Should you need a follow-up visit after visiting a hospital other than Nash UNC Health Care, please complete a Medical Release Form and return it to us prior to your follow up visit. A complete list of Eagle Hospitalists may be obtained by contacting Family Medical Center of Rocky Mount.

Q: If I have an issue with my service, whom should I contact?

A: As a company that strives to provide superior customer service, Family Medical Center of Rocky Mount has a Customer Service Manager, Jill Fipps, who is responsible for filing and following up on all patient issues. Additionally, any Customer Service Representative will be glad to assist you with filing a Patient Incident Report.